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Bradley Smoker Features & Benefits
Hot And Cold Smoker
Effective for both hot and cold smoking. Minimum smoke temperature is ambient. Temperature is controllable up to 160 deg C.

Bradley Flavour Bisquettes
The unique Bradley Flavour Bisquettes offer a choice of nine woods; each imparting its own characteristic flavour. Any uncertainty in smoke production is eliminated as each bisquette smoulders to create smoke for a fixed time, and at a fixed temperature, before being extinguished in the water pot.

Hassle Free Automatic Feeder
The bisquette feeder automatically feeds natural wood sawdust bisquettes onto the electrically heated element, one every 20 minutes. Up to 8 hours unattended operation.

Toxin And Resin Free
Our bisquettes are all natural, rendered from natural woods. They neither ignite nor burn to an ash, which means no toxins or resins to taint the flavour of the food.

Fast And Effective
Smoked products take anything from ½ hour upwards. Most products take less then 4 hours to smoke depending on the temperature being used. Total cost of smoking is less than £1.00 per hour.

Practical In Scale
At 18kgs the Bradley Smoker is light enough to carry. The amount of smoke produced is sufficient but not profuse: it will not annoy the neighbour!

Easy To Clean
Low temperature cooking ensures there is no burnt debris - simply wipe the smoker with a solution of warm detergent.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Bradley Smokers come with instructions, a recipe booklet and are guaranteed for 12 months for normal use.

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