Snowbee Geo-S Salmon and Saltwater Fly Reels - Details

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Snowbee Geo-S Salmon and Saltwater Fly Reels
This new ‘stacked drag disc’ system is similar to that used in Snowbee's original XS reels made by British Fly Reels, in that some discs are ‘locked’ and some are free to rotate, at their own speed. This not only allows for an ultra-smooth start up, when a fish takes, with the drag discs all starting at their own speed, but the multi-surface drag, provides an astonishing 44cm2 of drag surface area!

Hard anodised in ‘Satin Silver’ for total chip and corrosion resistance.

10597 Geo-S Fly Reel #810
The perfect choice for lighter line Salmon or Sea-Trout matched with the smaller Spey rods, or perfect on Switch rods. Equally at home saltwater fly fishing for Bonefish, Jacks, Permit or smaller Tarpon, or for throwing big flies at monster Pike closer to home.
Weight: 295g (10.4oz).
Diameter: 4.1” / 105mm.

10598 Geo-S Fly Reel #1012
The 1012 model has a class-leading line capacity, which will comfortably swallow a long-belly Spey line with ample backing to spare. Whether you target species is Atlantic Salmon, on the fastest of rivers, Sailfish and Tuna on the world’s oceans, or monster Tarpon, in tropical mangroves, this powerful reel will cope comfortably, with it’s amazing drag system delivering up to 6.5kgs (14lbs) of drag.
Weight: 325g (11.5oz).
Diameter: 4.5” / 114mm.

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