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Snowbee Geo 5 Breathable Waders
The Upper is a 3-layer Polyester, with a Breathability of 4,405g/m2/24hrs & Hydrostatic pressure (waterproofness), of 15,000 mm. From the waist down, the Geo-5 uses a top grade, high-density Polyester Taffeta. This heavy-duty material, features a 5-layer construction with two breathable membranes sandwiched in-between. This new grade of material is about as “thorn-proof” as it is possible to get, without sacrificing breathability and puts us on a par with the best waders on the market, but at a realistic price! It has a breathability of 1,500g/m2/24hrs & Hydrostatic pressure (waterproofness), of an incredible 30,000 mm – double most brands of waders!

Featuring a new cutting style also, the leg seams run up the front & back of the leg, to avoid all possible seam chafe. This also allows Snowbee to create “articulated legs, with a natural curve in them, for greater comfort & freedom of movement, without having to add additional pleats & seams.

Fitted with the latest, top quality German TiZip, this new waterproof zip is simply the best available. Fully adjustable braces, with a rear neoprene yoke to spread the load and an adjustable neoprene wading belt.

Available in a full range of sizes including the popular “FB” sizes and a new “Short” fitting.

Colour: 2-TonePutty Sizes:
Standard sizes in: S, M, L, XL, XXL
FB & Short Sizes in: M, L & XL

Snowbee 'Stream-Trek Wading Boots
Available in two sole options: Snowbee's popular XS-tra Grip Rubber sole, with replaceable metal studs, or their all new Combination Felt-Sole. This new sole has rubber toe and heel sections for extra wear plus studs built into the felt for additional grip. The felt sole is not only stitched right through the mid-sole, but is also cut at an angle front & back, neatly ‘dove-tailed’ under the toe and heel pads, to ensure the felt cannot become detached from the boots.
Colour: Two Tone Taupe
Sizes: 7-13

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