Marryat TACTICAL PRO Fly Rods - Details

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Marryat TACTICAL PRO Fly Rods

Pascal Cognard, 3-times world champion, rarely returns from prototype testing with a broad smile on his face . . . but the combination of many years of work and latest technology today has him beaming with exclamations of ultimate perfection. (Ultimate perfection is tortuous and you can't beam an exclamation!) The reputation of the Marryat’s Tactical Pro rods speaks for itself - They have become the rod-of-choice for many competition fishermen on the International circuit....

Tactical Pro rods have been developed to take advantage of the latest in material knowhow, new components and current fishing styles to deliver what fishermen really want. Here are some of the most important points that make the difference:

Blank: These rods carry two line-weights for a reason. The lighter line can be cast with accuracy, precision and finesse while the heavier line can be cast using the butt section reserves to achieve greater distance.
Rings: Fuji SIC butt ring, followed by REC Recoil TM rings titanium / nickel to save weight and minimize "hard points" on the blank
Reel seat: Screw-down style seat on longer rods to improve balance at the wrist so minimizing fatigue). Made of 5040 anodized aluminum. The spacer has been laser engraved with a trout.
Handles: As always AAA cork grip

Tactical Pro 9' #4/5 TACP904 9' 4/5 Half Wells Up Locking 90g
Tactical Pro 9' #5/6 TACP905 9' 5/6 Half Wells Up Locking 92g
Tactical Pro 9'6" #6/7 TACP966 9'6" 6 Half Wells Down Locking 105g
Tactical Pro 9'6" #3/4 TACP963 9'6" 3/4 Half Wells Down Locking 89g
Tactical Pro 10' #3/4 TACP103 10' 3/4 Half Wells Down Locking 94g
Tactical Pro 10' #4/5 TACP104 10' 4/5 Half Wells Down Locking 99g
Tactical Pro 10' #5/6 TACP105 10' 5/6 Half Wells Down Locking 100g
Tactical Pro 10' #7 TACP107 10' 7 Wells + Butt Down Locking 115g

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