Snowbee Prestige Nubuck Wading Boots - Details

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Snowbee Prestige Nubuck Wading Boots
However, this new leather is different. It absorbs the minimum amount of water and dries quickly, so the problem of airline baggage weights being exceeded by heavy boots on the return trip is a thing of the past! This new waterproof Nubuck leather, avoids the problems associated with earlier Nubuck, which tended to harden and go stiff after repeated soaking and drying.

• Reinforced upper all around the boot, toe and heel with hard wearing Rush Rubber, a tough synthetic rubber material, for support and chafe resistance.
• Easy-glide lacing eyes, plus 3 quick-lace hooks at the top for quick lacing.
• Thick, foam mid-sole for protection & torque resistance.
• Fitted with the new Mk.2 version of our XS-tra Grip Rubber Sole.
• Supplied with 40 hardened screw-in studs.
• Weight: 1,700g (61oz) per pair.

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