Tubeology Combination Brass & Aluminium Set (inc Spinning Set) - Details

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Spinner Modules
Interchangeable spinner blades, coneheads allow creation of Flying C's and Spinners. Tubeology lures based on a tube system stop leverage by fish when they bite, the lure simply riding up the leader leaving the hook embedded in the fishes mouth. Even better interchangeable bodies allow the angler to swap colour and length of flying c tubing without the need to carry loads of different lures. All this from one

Tubeology Fly Tyers System

The Tubeology Fly Tyers set is the complete system for fly tyers tying tube based flies on aluminium and brass tubes. It comprises of all of the components required to tie tube flies other than fur, feather and hooks!. Coming in its unique tube fly storage system the Tubeology Fly Tyers System comprises of a range of Tubeology tubes from 20mm to 50mm in Aluminium and Brass. Oxidised or plated in silver, gold and black these tubes are ready to tie, the gold and silver making ideal fish colour tubes and the black perfect for patterns like Collie Dog for Salmon or Zonkers for Trout. The Fly Tyers Kit includes the unique Tubeology Fly Tying vice, designed to stop the tube rotating when being tied, a common problem with every other manufacturer or tube systems world-wide.

Once tied The Tubeolgy Fly Tyers Kit has 54 assorted heads that can be interchanged at the water, allowing the angler to vary the size of hot-spot to be targetted by predatory fish or to vary the weight of the tube fly and enable it to be fished at different depths. With Interchangeable heads you can balance the hook and conehead to ensure true 'flight' of the lure through the water, no more head-up or tail-up fishing as with traditional tube flies!

Tubeology Spinner, Flying C & Fly Tyers Set (includes Spinning Modules)

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