Vision XO Double Hand Salmon Fly Fishing Rods - Details

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Vision XO Double Hand Salmon Fly Fishing  Rods
In 2016 Vision Flyfishing introduced a premium single hand rod series called XO. Vision Flyfishing worked for many years to get every piece of the process optimised.
After the launch of those outstanding single hand rods Vision Flyfishing shifted our focus to do the same with double-hand rods. Most of our guys are
fanatic salmon fishermen, so Vision Flyfishing had a very personal interest to get it right. Vision Flyfishing have been testing XO DH prototypes all over the globe and now when the 2017 salmon season is pretty much closed in Scandinavia, Vision Flyfishing are ready to release the results: four great rod models to cover the majority of the situations a salmon fisherman is likely to face while fishing for anadromous fish species anywhere in the world.

The rods are extremely light, sensitive but still powerful modern mid-action DH rods with exceptionally fast recovery speed. They have the same major high-quality components as Vision Flyfishing have in our single-hand XO rods, but they have some modifications needed for DH rods. Those include for example a secure, easy-to-use reel seat for handling bigger and heavier salmon reels and clear markings indicating suitable Ace shooting heads and Ace Skagit lines. They have the same elegant rod tubes and cloths as the single-hand rods. They come with an exceptionally good customer care. So if you want to get a premium rod to last a life-time, the XO DH rod is definitely a great choice.

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