Snowbee Classic 4pc Fly Rods - Details

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Snowbee Classic 4pc Fly Rods
6ft & 7ft Classic Brook Rods
These delightful little rods are ideal for fishing ultra-light tactics on small brooks and streams. Match them with our delicate presentation fly line and the new Onyx reels, for the ultimate micro dry-fly outfit. This range includes our ever popular 7ft #5-6 Classic Junior Rod, which has become just that… a Classic and one of our biggest selling fly rods! Designed initially with juniors in mind, it has been universally adopted by small stream anglers. Its short length and higher line rating, has been designed for faster loading in small hands and it has proved ideal for brook fishing, particularly in windy conditions. Look out Dad - this isn’t another toy - Junior might just be out casting you, with a bit of practice!

8ft 6ins and 9ft Classic Rods
Ideal all-rounders, whether fishing rivers or small still-waters, these two models provide effortless casting for all-day fishing pleasure. Sensitive tips, but with enough reserves of power to tame larger fish.

9ft 6ins & 10ft Classic Rods
Longer, more powerful rods designed for larger still-waters and reservoirs, where additional distance is required. The middle to tip action delivers effortless power and distance. Also make ideal single-handed Salmon or Grilse rods for the river.

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