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Vision Merisuola Saltwater Fly Rods
Saltwater fly fishing is becoming ever more popular also in Europe. Vision has been offering specially designed tackle for saltwater fanatics already for years. When they realised they have something special with the XO prototypes 2 years ago they also realised they could make their dream saltwater rod from these same ingredients. Enter the “Pass Me The Salt”-project. This later on changed to the real and final name Merisuola (Seasalt). First and foremost these rods are a result of Visions passion for saltwater fly fishing.

BLANKS: All carbon rods utilise carbon fibres that are bonded together by an adhesive resin. A resin material incorporating silica nano spheres provides several benefits. Vision spent a lot of time and money to get their hands on the latest silica nano resin, which they then combined with different carbon fibre mixes. The final secret sauce that makes their new Merisuola rods more durable and responsive than any other rod they’ve made so far is the one developed for their premium XO rods. It strenghtens the rod significantly by making it more resistant to compression. You’ll notice the advantages of it in the responsiveness and weight to strength ratio of the rod as well as in durability. They also tried a lot of different combinations of components from the rod guides to the reel seat. They tried sanded, un-sanded, painted and unpainted blanks. In the end they were left with a rod with a natural un-sanded and unpainted blank enforced with their new sauce of nano silica resin.

GUIDES: The two most useful properties of titanium are corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. Merisuola rods have patented two leg REC nickel titanium alloy snake guides and solid titanium stripping guides. Made in USA.

HANDLES: A properly shaped high-quality handle is a crucial part of any fly rod and especially so in saltwater fly fishing where large and/or heavy flies are used in windy conditions on a regular basis. Vision selected proven Full wells handles with AAAA Portuguese cork with rubber cork enforcement for their flagship saltwater rods.

SERVICE & WARRANTY: This tackle is covered by Merisuola service & warranty from the date of purchase and registration. It does not affect or reduce the owner’s statutory rights which cover against manufacturing and material faults during the statutory period. In the event of a breakage, your Merisuola rod’s broken part will be replaced with a new one at fixed rate of 79.00€ (per piece). Contact their customercare and simply tell where to ship the needed part. If they need to ship outside the EU an additional cost of 30.00€ will be added. Vision Group is not responsible for possible duties and custom costs when shipping outside EU. The above works for up to three rod parts only. If you need a complete rod please contact Visions service centre.

REEL SEAT: A double nut up-locking precision machined aluminum reel seat for secure and easy locking of your reel. Fighting butt size varies with each rod weight and has a target species branded on the end cap. Collect the whole series: bonefish, permit, and tarpon.

TUBE&CLOTH: A high-quality aluminum rod tube with machined bar-stock aluminum collar and caps. Bright blue with bright orange Merisuola logo. Inside the cap there is a cork layer working as a cushion with the Fishing Lion logo. Visions premium aluminium Merisuola rod tube is finished with a bright orange rod cloth with individual sections for each rod parts. Easy to use and vital for the protection of your premium Merisuola fly rod.

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