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Snowbee Spectre RMX Fly Rods
The principle behind the Microwave guide system is really very simple. When a fly line shoots, it is leaving the rod tip at approximately 50-60 mph. In the ideal world there would be nothing to restrict this movement, allowing maximum line speed and distance. In reality, the friction through the rings, coupled with the ‘line-slap' as coils snake up off the ground or a stripping basket, reduce this line speed considerably, as using conventional stripper guides, the line coils are merely decreased, as they travel up through the rings. What the Microwave stripper guide does, is immediately 'tame' these coils, allowing the fly line to travel the rest of the way up through the guide train, in an almost straight line, hence reducing point contact with the rings, and therefore friction, to allow increased line speed. What was also immediately apparent to us when testing the first prototypes, was just how much straighter the final presentation was, allowing not only increased distance, but also better line control and accuracy.

• Total line control
• Increased rod performance
• Increased casting distance
• Increased casting accuracy

The Spectre® RMX range uses the very latest carbon fibre technology whose performance is un-matched at this price. For many years, Snowbee have used ‘multi-modulus’ carbon technology in the design of our blanks. By varying the tensile modulus of the carbon fibre lay-up along the length of the blank, allows us to precisely design and control the stiffness and flex in various sections, as well as the recovery speed of the tip.

The Spectre RMX rods also feature ‘angler friendly’ touches like alignment dots to quickly line-up your fly rod sections and self-indexing reel seats, with a small diamante ‘marker’ to quickly get your reel on the rod, allowing you to concentrate on the fishing.

10012 Spectre RMX Fly Rod 8 6" #5
The perfect small river or brook rod, but equally suitable for small stillwaters, where a slightly softer action allows a more delicate presentation, when seeking ‘spooky’ fish.

10011 Spectre RMX Fly Rod 9 #5
10013 Spectre Fly RMX Rod 9' #6
Ideal for rivers and small stillwaters, where a slightly faster action and additional power is required for longer distance casting.

10014 Spectre RMX Fly Rod 9' 6" #7
10016 Spectre Fly Rod 10' #7
The ever popular rods of choice for larger rivers, stillwaters and reservoirs. Both models have massive reserves of power, allowing those extra few yards to reach the fish previously just out of range.

10018 Spectre RMX Fly Rod 10' #5
10015 Spectre RMX Fly Rod 10' #6
Two ‘Loch Style’ rods, the smaller rod being ideal for lighter line fishing, particularly dry-fly and top of the water styles, while the #6 model is designed for more general loch style fishing for brown trout and rainbows, where a more powerful rod is required.

10019 Spectre Saltwater/Predator RMX Fly Rod 9 #8
With the ever increasing popularity of saltwater, carp and pike fly fishing we have included a Saltwater Predator model to the Spectre range. This is not just the standard rod with a different logo! Purpose-designed for the requirements of these fly fishing disciplines, the blanks have steeper tapers and thicker wall profiles to handle the larger, more powerful fish likely to be encountered. Brushed aluminium-finish reel seat and high chrome guides, make the Spectre SP stand out from the crowd!

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