Snowbee Deep Blue 'Titanium' Boat Rods - Details

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Snowbee Deep Blue 'Titanium' Boat Rods
The design changes have been to the handle configuration and the rings. Although still 2-pce blanks, the handle is now all in one piece, so the spigot is moved to the top of the fore grip, to remove the ‘waisted’ joint of the earlier models. This is more of a ‘cosmetic’ change and makes no difference to the action of the blanks.

The biggest change however, is the use of the new ALPS solid Titanium guides throughout. These innovative new guides are made from 100% Titanium for light weight and strength, so will simply never corrode, no matter how much abuse they are given. They also feature a ‘Ring-Lock’ system, whereby the Zirconium ring liners are locked in place and can never be knocked out.

Finished in lustrous deep blue with subtle cross-whippings and decals plus the Fuji lightweight graphite reel seats and ALPS Titanium guides throughout, the Deep Blue Titanium range simply oozes class. Unlike most boat rods on the market, all rods of the Deep Blue range are accurately rated to IGFA line classes, so if Snowbee say it’s a 12lb class, it is. At 7ft 7in they offer the ideal length for the serious boat angler and include a model to suit all fishing situations.

10201 Deep Blue Titanium 8lb class
An ultra-sensitive inshore rod, ideal for bass, plaice, brill etc. Teamed up with the smallest Accurate or Deep Blue reel, this is undoubtedly the best lightweight outfit available.

10202 Deep Blue Titanium 12lb class
The 12lb is the perfect choice for the inshore angler fishing reefs and inshore drop-offs but with enough grunt for reef pollack etc.

10205 Deep Blue Titanium 12lb class Livebait rod
A new model for 2015. Based on the standard 12lb class model, but with an ultra-soft Korean S-Glass tip section, for supreme sensitivity. Based on rods Snowbee first developed for the USA SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) Tournament, where fishing livebait for kingfish, they can encounter fish up to 60lb plus, hitting the bait at up to 40mph! Something has to give and hence the soft-tip ‘Livebait’ model was developed.

A superb rod for livebait fishing for bass and other species, but equally suitable as a highly sensitive ‘bait-rod’ fishing for turbot or black bream.

10203 Deep Blue Titanium 20lb class
Without doubt the best ‘all-rounder’ in the range. The 20lb Deep Blue offers the seasoned boat angler the best of both worlds. Sensitive enough to fish inshore for bass etc, but with enough reserves of power to tame the hardest fighting wreck pollack.

10206 Deep Blue Titanium 20lb class Skad rod
Since the launch of the Snowbee Skad lures in 2013, they have become one of the top selling lures for wreck or reef fishing for pollack, cod etc.

Snowbee's new ‘Skad’ rod is designed specifically for Wreck and Reef style fishing, using a boom and long flowing trace working Skads, shads or sand-eel lures over Channel wrecks for cod, pollack and coalfish. Based on Snowbee's popular 20lb class model, but with the length increased to 8ft 3in, this model is undertsandably a top seller too.

10204 Deep Blue Titanium 30lb class
The 30lb model is for the serious boat angler who predominantly fishes wrecks. It is a very powerful rod with lots of 'beef' and the only rod Snowbee use for their blue shark trips. More than enough power to haul monster Conger and Ling out of deep-water wrecks.

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