Deep Blue Popping/Jigging Rod - Details

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Deep Blue Popping/Jigging Rod
The cleverly designed blank comes with 5 sections to provide two rods in one!

In its 4-pce configuration, it is a powerful 8ft 6in Popping Rod, rated at PE 4-5 for lures of 100-150g (4-5oz), however Snowbee have many reports of fishing this with braid up to 80lb with far larger lures. Capable of taming anything from tail-walking Tarpon, to giant GT’s heading for the coral! This powerful new rod will easily throw large surface poppers and plugs, but has reserves of power ready for the unexpected!

Remove the top two sections and fit them onto the additional ‘boat rod’ butt section supplied and it converts to a powerful 3-pce 6ft 6in 20-30lb class Jigging/Boat rod, ideal for anything from trolling for kingfish to deep water jigging. A perfect combination when travelling overseas and luggage weight is all important. You effectively get two rods in one, packing down to a convenient 29” (74cm) to fit your luggage. Both butt sections fitted with a gimbal fitting and cover.

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