Classic Spring Creek

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Cortland 444 Classic Spring Creek Fly Line

Spring creeks - and the wary trout that haunt them - present unique challenges that require special skills and specialized tackle. Super-fast rods and over-weighted lines with brightly colored tips will announce your presence as surely as stoning the pool. By contrast, the extra-long, supple tip of the 444 Classic Spring Creek lands delicately, yet transfers energy so efficently it turns over the longest, finest leader with authority and control. The muted olive color eliminates line flash while blending into the bank-side foliage. The 444 Classic coating material remains supple in the coldest creeks to help defeat swirling and conflicting currents for longer drag-free drifts. Now offered with a welded front loop for simple leader changes.

444 Spring Creek - Olive, with Welded Loop

Price: 60.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Cortland 444 Classic Spring Creek Fly Line