Cortland 333 Fly Lines

The 333 name has been an integral part of fly fishing around the world for more than 50 years. First introduced in 1953 as the 333X, with the X being for experimental, this line was the very first synthetic fly line ever produced.
Now, Cortland have released new upgraded Classic 333 fly lines with great casting performance in a range of line weights and types from WF and DT Floating and Clear Intermendiate to Sink Tip and Full Sinking lines.

Cortland Classic 333 Trout All Purpose

Cortland 333 Classic Trout/All Purpose fly line is a durable, high-floating, general-purpose fly line available in both weight-forward and double tapers. The weight-forward line features a modified long-belly taper for easier overhead and roll casting, mending and general line handling control. The double-taper fly lines feature precise front and rear tapers for accurate casts - and are reversible to double the usable life of the line. Designed by Cortland to perform well with modern medium to fast-action graphite rods.

Price: 43.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Cortland Classic 333 Trout All Purpose