Vision Kust Customised Saltwater / Seatrout Reel

Based upon the Vision Rulla, the Kust Fly Reel has the same reliable drag system with USA made carbon fibre and stainless steel discs, and the same quick spool release. These fly reels are designed for coastal sea bass and seatrout fishing The full rim frame design makes them more solid and gives them greater strength than other reels in this class.

The VRK2.5 Kust Reel is designed to take 6-8 wt lines, typically
• WF7 with 150m Bakkari 20lb backing

Kust Specifications:
• Diam:90mm
• Width 25mm
• Vol 90cucm
• Weight: 165g

Vision Kust Customised Saltwater / Seatrout  Reel

Vision Kust 6/8wt Fly Reel

Price: 239.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Vision Kust 6/8wt Spool

Price: 99.99 (Including VAT at 20%)