Prestige Switch

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Snowbee Prestige Switch Rods

Snowbee Prestige Switch Rods
The ease of casting these new incredibly lightweight Snowbee Prestige Switch Rods will find favour as much amongst the boat and bank stillwater Trout fishers, where distance and accuracy can be achieved effortlessly all day long, as the Salmon and migratrory trout anglers who these were origanally designed for. The lightweight and effortless power of these new Snowbee Rods will be particularly appreciated by lady Salmon anglers too.
Why not match them up with Snowbee's Switch fly lines specifically developed to be used with Snowbee switch rods.

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Prestige Switch Rod - 10' 8" #5 4pc*
Weight - 140g/5oz
RRP 289.00

Price: 173.40 (Including VAT at 20%)