RIO’s Favourite Fly Fishing Knots DVD

RIO’s Favourite Fly Fishing Knots DVD is the ultimate instructional guide to the most popular and useful fly fishing knots. Each knot is tied in thick, highly visible materials, with a contrasting background that makes it very easy to see the detail of each knot tied.
In addition, each relevant knot is tied in 10lb tippet material and then shown tested until it breaks - ending with a readout of the percentage strength of the knot. This is a fabulous resource for anglers that are concerned about using the strongest knot.
Fly to Leader Knots: Clinch Knot, Belize Loop Knot, Improved Clinch Knot, Homer Rhodes Knot, Non Slip Loop Knot, Davy Knot, Trilene Knot, Pitzen knot, Turle Knot
Leader to Tippet Knots: Blood Knot, Improved Blood Knot, Double & Triple Surgeon Knot, Albright Knot, Slim Beauty Knot, Uni Knot
Loop Knots: Double Surgeon Loop, Perfection Loop, Loop to Loop Connection, Bimini Twist, Spider Hitch
Other Knots: Nail Knot, Needle Knot, How to use a Nail Knot Tool, How to make a Braided Loop, How to attach a Braided Loop, Reverse Blind Splice Loop, Arbor Knot, Wind Knot.

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RIOs Favourite Fly Fishing Knots DVD

Rio Modern Spey Casting DVD

The most comprehensive film on spey casting techniques ever made. This triple disc DVD from RIO stars a notable team of experts: George Cook, Simon Gawesworth, Mike McCune, Scott O'Donnell, Dana Sturn and Ed Ward.

Not only learn from these masters the classic Single Spey, Double Spey, Switch Cast and Roll Cast, but also the modern spey casts such as the Snake Roll, Circle Spey, Snap T, Snap Z, Wombat Cast, Underhand Cast, Spiral Spey, Spiral Double Spey, Jelly Roll, Perry Poke and Skagit casting.

This film also teaches the viewer the most common faults to recognize and avoid and has superb bio-kinetic footage so you can study the hand, arm and body movement of each cast. With clear, concise instruction from the very basics of spey casting to top tips for advanced casters as well as sinking line methods, single handed techniques and saltwater spey casting.
This complete set of Three DVDs covers everything one needs to know about spey casting.
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Rio Modern Spey Casting DVD