OPTi Zpey

Loop OPTi Zpey Fly Rod

Loop OPTi Zpey Fly Rod
This innovative Loop OPTi Zpey Fly Rod has been designed with the Loop blank. It was superceded by Zpey who brought out their own model with a different blank to make it cheaper. This is a brilliant spey rod for those who suffer back problems or restricted shoulder action, with its cleverly designed butt and reel seat.

We now only have two of the original models remaining in stock.

"In order to generate the same momentum as that of a traditional rod, the arms must be moved further away from the body in the direction of the cast, especially during the cast. The farther away from the body a person moves their arms and the rod, the greater the strain imposed on the body.

Unfortunately, the human body was not built for the combination of long movements and excess strain. Every year, this combination results in large numbers of fly fishers suffering from chronic strain injuries to their arms, shoulders, backs, etc. The Zpey handle will help counter this trend." *WHILST STOCKS LAST!
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Opti Zpey Fly Rod 13' AFTM # 9 - WAS £645.00*
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