Skagit Versitip Fly Line* - Details

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Skagit Versitip Fly Line*
A VersiTip model that comes packaged with a shooting head wallet, a 5 ft cheater, a 15 ft DC Type 6 (6 ips, 15 cm/s) and a DC Type 8 (8 ips, 20 cm/s) sinking tip.

Skagit casting requires a line with a very short, 25-27 ft (7. -8.3 m), heavy head that propels heavy sink tips and big flies great distances with a very short casting stroke. Skagit casting is easy for novice or experienced casters to learn. When casting Skagit lines the total head length should be matched to the rod; the total head length including the sink tip should be no more than 3 – 3 ½ times the length of the rod. To adjust for rod length and loading simply add a Skagit Cheater to achieve the desired load and length.