Vibe 85 Fly Line - Details

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Vibe 85 Fly Line
The Vibes are totally new way to choose and use a fly line. They are marked with actual head weights and lengths and we have given our suggestion in which lineweight rod they perform best.

Vibe 85 has an 8.5 meter long head. The head’s weight is clearly marked in grams and grains for easy comparison and they have also suggestion for ideal rod rating. The 85 is heavier compared to AFTM standard. Therefore, for example line which is suggested for rods 5–6, performs well in stiffer and more powerful #5 weight rods or softer #6 weight rods. Vibe 85 is at its best in places with limited casting space and performs extremely well with switch and spey style casts. It has a slick and supple coating which remains memory free even in cold conditions. The aggressive front taper turns even heavier weighted nymphs over with ease. The readymade loop makes it easy to attach the leader.