Orvis Helios 2 Saltwater Fly Rods - Details

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Orvis Helios 2 Saltwater Fly Rods
Stripers haunt you, bonefish taunt you—and don't get you started on redfish. You're a big-game hunter with a big-time need for a fly rod with firepower. Enter the Helios 2. Lighter in hand and stronger than the original Helios, the 909-4 Helios 2 will turn the one that got away from an urban legend to a picture on your cellphone. From meat-eating salmonids to finicky saltwater species, this is the ultimate weapon for big-game targets. With a shocking amount of backbone and unbelievable tracking, no matter what you fish for, lips will be ripped. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont.

• 20% stronger than the original Helios.
• 20% lighter in hand.
• 100% increase in tip-impact strength.
• Fine-tuned tapers for unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and lifting power.