Fly Lines

Fulling Mill Fly Lines

Fulling Mill lines are exceptional, and if they weren’t we would be using another brand for our own fishing. We aren’t, though, and now we have added to the range. A complete set of exceptional lines for almost every type of fly fishing. Superb. Guaranteed!

Carefully designed and thoroughly tested, these are the lines that we, as serious fly fishers, prefer to use, and you get exactly what it says on the box… a truly World Class fly line.


Fulling Mill Fly Lines

Weight Forward Intermediate Fly Line - Smoke Olive - 90ft*

This newly designed line is perfect for wet fishing including nymphs and lures. The taper is designed to ensure maximum distance whilst turning your flies over and keeping you in contact with those sub surface feeders. The smoky olive neutral colour makes this an all round river and stillwater choice in most conditions.

Weight Forward Intermediate - Smoke Olive - 90ft - WF7I*

Price: 29.95 (Including VAT at 20%)